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Syndrome of rush

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What drives society?

I always like to initialize my discussions with a question, therefore, what drives us? It would be our need for growth, or socialization?

Nowadays, we can get all the needs above and many others to a lesser or greater degree, much faster than before, and that's where the syndrome of rush prevails. We force ourselfs to multi-task, we run from side to side behind faster responses (and sometimes not so safe) so that these needs are met.

Less time and effort, this is what the Syndrome of rush teach us, the faster we do something and in less time, the more rewards will get (this is not necessary is true).

But does all this hurry really necessary?

Our possible answer to the first question leads us to believe that the rush, that day to day run is essential in our lives.

However, i disagree that this rush is essential. Such a hurry makes us ended up not dedicate ourselves to the issues, very little we deepen in our doubts and we ended up wasting our time with meaningless things and tasks.

Lets take an example.

If today you need to learn something new, seek in a place where the rush is her best friend. Yes, I'm talking about the internet ... the internet is now the best and most knowledgeable place.
You need to find something in a short time and with minimal effort (remember the discussion above?), Just look on the internet.

So we enter, and in a few clicks, find the subject and read a little. That's right, read a little, this ends up making us mere non-readers (if there's such thing). We do not read more books because they take too long. We like to get on the internet and read some articles fast, forget about it 10 minutes later. This rush to check for other things, ends up making us forget certain things that we "learned". We became "geniuses" of anything!
We do not know about the subject, but we believe we do because we read an article with 50 lines about it.

Remembering that our haste is closely linked to the various choices of our life! A pretty cool video of RSA Animate talks about the choices!

RSA Animate - Choice

Unfortunately we ended up taking this rush to all areas of our lives, we want to do everything fast all the time! We drove our car in a hurry to get right where we want, after all we do not have time.

Give a chance to tranquility!

Forget for a moment all our rush! We will take a quiet breakfast, we drive quietly to work, we talk to the customer calmly (trying not to alarm the same for him not to hurry, because the work will not be delivered today but only tomorrow), have lunch quietly, we will exercise without worrying about work or home service.

We must give a chance to ourselves, to live ... such a hurry that society imposes on us, and of course we impose on ourselves, can bring what we do not like it one bit, the STRESS!

Live a little, enjoy the moments and learn the subjects that appeal to you ...

As the music of Engenheiros do Hawaii:

"...Eu posso estar completamente enganado
Eu posso estar correndo pro lado errado
Mas "a dúvida é o preço da pureza"
É inútil ter certeza
Eu vejo as placas dizendo
"não corra, não morra, não fume..."

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