Rodolfo De Nadai
Who i am?

Software Engineer.
Worked with several programming languages like php, java, javascript, visual basic, lisp and others... currently working with java and javascript (at work place), and python/javascript on hobby projects...
Current focusing in study more about Image Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

In my spare time i like to listen some music, watch some blockbuster movies (Star Wars fan here!) and of course study and search for cool new stuff that people are up to in science!
In addition, shoot photos, play guitar and astronomy are constant passions...

Review : A.I. a Guide for Thinking Humans by Melanie Mitchell

Review of the new book written by Melanie Mitchell, prof. of computer science at Portland State University and also received her PhD from Douglas Hofstadter the famous author of the book Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid.

 Artificial Intelligence Cognition Deep Learning Machine Learning Neural Networks Review

Review : Human Compatible by Stuart Russell

Review of the new book written by one of the most well known personalities in the AI field.

 Artificial Intelligence Cognition Machine Learning Review

10 python packages you cant live without...

As a python developer you should at least know that these libs exists... if you use them, thumbs up for you!!

 Django Python

Create a glossary of Terms

In this post, i'll talk about a way to create a glossary of terms using python and nltk. Keep in mind that since im from Brazil, im building a glossary in portuguese, but the means to build one could be used to build a glossary in any other language.

 Algorithms Data Natural Language Processing Python

Future Expectations about the World

This is a small thought about future of our world in terms of ourselves.

 Life Science Technology