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Future Expectations about the World

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Mankind has living in this world for more than 12.000 years, and advanced much in a lot of science knowlodge, but pieces are still missing in human development.

Many authors points that mankind will evolve in new kind of spicies in the next few decades, but perhaps this alusive expectation may not occur. Anyway, what could be one of the new quality of this new man specie? They point out that a new way of evolutionary interchangeable brain activity will happen. This is based on the rapid learn curve that our child presents today. Child born after 2000 has a very fast learn curve when it comes to interact wich devices, technology and science, making easy to then to explore new ways of change and create new things, process and interactions.

In future years this gap between each generation will be larger, more and more child and adults will get in touch with technology in day to day live. If today we are still fight to have self-driving cars, in near future our children will be fight a way to understand and improve space exploration, multicore quantum processors, near human AI and lots more.

Many challenges may come stop that human evolution, but technology may help to minimize those things. We are fight with pollution and super population in ways that our ancestors could not even imagine, or they could, but never got register. Just recently a italian scientist come to public showing a paint that can reduce pollution like a tree does! This could be unthinkable 10 years ago or even less, but with rapidly development and new technique, great technology like this can change the impact and challenges with are facing and may face in near future.

Super population can be a little more tricky to solve, because it is in human behavior, or better said is in all living beings to reproduce and perpetuate the genes, make it possible to evolutionary improves to happen.
Perhaps, that the main reason that scientists and many others are saying that human evolution may happen soon. Nature show us that, the most successful species in this planets are the small ones, because they have a rapid development cycle. Bacteria and virus the reproduce very fast (as they die vary fast) and have new generations in just a few time. Humans may not have that rapid development, but we are getting near this (ok, perhaps in just a very small percentage) with our billions of people and growing. This means that the change of mutation based on gene manipulation or natural selection can happen, no other mamal specie has this advantage, they (as us till now) could only count with time.

So, this rapidly human population may become our doom (we don't have as much resource to feed and maintain all those people alive), but can also be our salvation and a way to create a new and more suitable man to explore the ahead technology and space.

This also doens't mean that we will vanish from earth soon (i say us, the not evoluted ones), we still have a long way to go to become evolved in many ways. We have reached a level of technology, and we can go further, but in other areas of human intelligence and ethics we still have a lot to go.
And we are the ones that will teach the next generations and so on to evolve more and more in this scenario that we are living, called universe.


Human Evolution 101

Is evolution over, for us or for the other apes?
Certainly not. Humans are continuing to evolve, but now the evolution is driven as much by our culture and the technology we’ve invented as by our biology. And other animals, including the apes, are also continuing to evolve—especially now, in response to the huge changes in their environment that humans have made.

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