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Continuous Learning

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Continuous Learning

So you are those who do not like to study? Hate get in the books?
Well then this post is not for you! But do not worry, life is full of people who like / hate studying, then surely you can find a pair.

But after all, which leads us to study?

For some the answer is simple and immediate: "Study because I want to get a good job and make lots of money."

It seems like a good answer, and even too simplistic, after all not everyone who studies makes money and the reverse is also very true, not all who earn a lot of money studied ...

Limit our studies and guidelines for the simple way of looking at life that way (study to make money), makes me think if people do not see their reasons are too obscure.

The real reason

We study for the simple fact of learning, of course learning more and more, and even increasingly specialized in a subject, we can reap the benefits of this study, as a better job, a brilliant idea that makes us have a lot of money. But I believe that we should not consider turning our mind for this purpose, otherwise if we do not achieve this goal, we will be frustrated and leave to study, accommodating us (we stayed in Ok Plateau).

But what is this Ok Plateau?

When we settle, or we think we already know too much about a subject, or rather, when we stop to get better at something. And study is that, theory and practice, getting better on a given subject, trying to avoid the "OK Plateau"

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Q: Can you explain the "OK Plateau?"
A: The OK Plateau is that place we all get to where we just stop getting better at something. Take typing, for example. You might type and type and type all day long, but once you reach A Certain level, you just never get appreciably faster at it. That's because it's Become automatic. You've moved it to the back of your mind's filing cabinet. If you want to become a faster typer, it's possible, of course. But you've got to bring the task back under your conscious control. You've got to push yourself past where you're comfortable. You have to watch yourself fail and learn from your mistakes. That's the way to get better at anything. And it's how I improved my memory. (Joshua Foer)

Moonwalking With Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything

Therefore, we must think, no, believe that studying for a short-term goal (not the long term, how to make money), in order to learn more and become better! Accepting this goal we can change our concept about the study and consequently on us.

Where to start?
Good, cool, I want to do this, but how do?

The possibilities can be many, but I think the best would be as follows:

  • Try to identify the objects, themes, things you have preference;
  • Always seek information on the subject;
  • Find people who are reference in the field and follow them as you can;
  • Look for groups to interact, they can be many sources of information;
  • And the main thing, no matter how you do not like a theme, look know it, because it can open your eyes to other things!

Following this line, a very cool site I found and that allows you to test your knowledge on certain topics, and maybe open your mind to so many is P2PU ( Go there and see if there's something that interests you, you might even be surprised!

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